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Is Good Karma recycled tissue hygienic enough?expand_more

Care has been taken to use prime first grade, pre consumer, unprinted waste paper and pulp substitutes which are cured at greater than 120C, using the fiber revive process to ensure that the product is hygienic and safe for skin and food contact.

Why is the Good Karma tissue brown color?expand_more

Good Karma products are brown in color because they are manufactured leveraging our proprietary Fibre Revive Technology, using unbleached fibre as raw materials.
How does the Good Karma recycled tissue compared with virgin grade tissue?expand_more

The fiber revive process enhances fiber properties to give you softness and absorbency at par with tissue made with agro based sources, without the environmental impact.
How is Good Karma recycled tissue different from plant-based tissue?expand_more

In a plant-based tissue, the shift is from the conventional tree as raw material to a faster growing plant however Good Karma is made using prime 1st grade, pre consumer waste paper and pulp substitutes which is a completely plant/tree free solution.
Is the Good Karma Toilet paper roll dispenser friendly and does not clog drains?expand_more

Yes, it is dispenser friendly and can be flushed easily without clogging drains.
Are the Good Karma Kitchen Towels and Serviettes Food Contact Safe?expand_more

Yes, they are food contact safe.
Are the Good Karma Facial Tissues skin contact safe?expand_more

Yes, they are hypoallergenic thus, safe for skin contact.
Why should one pick Good Karma?expand_more

Our philosophy is to create something good for both the environment and you. The Good Karma tissues are as hygienic, soft and absorbent as our virgin grade counterparts, but without the environmental impact.
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